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Purification Programs (Cleanses) Campbell

We’re exposed to over 80,000 chemicals per day. Our liver, kidneys and intestines are responsible for detoxification of our body, and they weren’t designed to deal with such a heavy load of toxins, so they get overburdened. This means you may feel sluggish, sickly, moody have weight gain or have reduced libido.

Hands On Healing Chiropractic offers three different purification programs to meet your needs. These offer your body additional support to expel and metabolize these toxins and minimize your weight, flushing out toxins from head to toe.
If you’d like to experience higher levels of energy, greater mental clarity and improved digestion, (and sometimes weight loss) these cleanses are a must!

Each cleanse involves taking supplements, drinking delicious (really) shakes that contain protein and veggies and making slight alterations to the foods you eat. Sugar, dairy and grains are eliminated to reduce inflammation and toxins, helping you see and feel incredible results.

1. The 21-Day Cleanse/Purification Program

This purification program/cleanse helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out. It reduces the toxic load on the entire body. The effects you may experience include a reduction in blood triglycerides and blood pressure, in addition to feeling great!

2. The 10-Day Sugar Cleanse (Blood Sugar Support Program)

Are you experiencing afternoon energy crashes or headaches, irritability or moodiness, low energy levels or cravings for sugar, you may need this cleanse. If you want to prevent diabetes and regain control over your crazy sugar habit, this cleanse can help. It focuses on your metabolism of sugar, (in addition to your overall body purification) allowing its harmful effects to dissipate and mitigate the damage it’s already done to your body.

3. The 10-Day Inflammation Cleanse (Healthy Inflammation Response Program)

If you’re experiencing swelling, pain, stiff joints, bloating or dry skin, they can all be symptoms of inflammation present in your body. This cleanse is designed to reduce the amount of pain and normalize the amount of inflammation you have, allowing the symptoms to decrease or disappear. By eliminating toxins from the body, your body will naturally feel better.

Contact us today to find out if one of our cleanses in Campbell is right for you! We offer convenient Saturday appointments.



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