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How to Fix Bad Posture in Your Child

Two Very Common Childhood Causes of Poor Posture:

Kids in Classroom by chalk board

  1. Heavy or incorrectly worn backpacks
  2. Slouching forward to look at electronic devices

Uncorrected Poor Posture Can Cause 6 Problems:

  1. Pain- Your child may have more neck and back pain, headaches and possibly even numbness and tingling in hands and fingers as they continue poor posture.
  2. Changes to Normal Spinal Curves- As the body endures improper posture, the natural curves of the spine begins to change shape.  They flatten or may even start going to the left or right; that is called scoliosis. Scoliosis may cause lifelong problems.
  3. Spinal Bone Misalignments- These misalignments are called subluxations and can cause reduced blood flow and nerve function to all areas of the body!
  4. Muscle Weakness and/or Decreased Athletic Performance- With a reduced blood flow and nerve function to the muscles, they can become weaker and imbalanced from side to side, thus affecting balance and overall strength.
  5. Neck & Back Strain- If the spine stays out of alignment, it puts abnormal extra stress and strain on the muscles supporting it.  Over time, this leads to neck and back strain.
  6. Organ Function- Our spine and ribs protect our internal organs.  If our spine begins to have an unhealthy shape, then the physical stress can reduce the functioning of our organs.

How Do I Correct My Child’s Posture?

Observe your child

  • Are they are complaining of headaches, neck, shoulder or lower back tightness, strain or pain, tingling or numbness?
  • Watch your child’s posture. Are they rounding their shoulders with their head tilting forward? Is one shoulder higher than another? Do they lean forward when they wear their back pack?

Call a Chiropractor for an evaluation of your child’s spine and backpack.

  • We can help you size your child’s backpack.
  • We will help prevent pain and injuries now.
  • You will avoid future problems like abnormal growth of the normal curves in the spine, reduced balance with an increased risk of falling, and possible chronic back pain.

Get in Touch with Us!

Dr. Sampair will know what to look for when examining your child’s spine; early, corrective care can lower the risk that your child or you may suffer from the long term ailments and conditions caused by poor posture.

  1. Call us today for a free BACKPACK and SPINE evaluation at Hands on Healing Chiropractic at 408-371-0068.
  2. Join our Bay Area Health and Wellness Group on Meetup:
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