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Meet Dr. Deb Sampair

Understanding the Value of Chiropractic

A couple of car accidents led Dr. Sampair to the chiropractor’s office, each time with remarkable results. After the last accident, she realized how fascinating it was that she didn’t have to take medication to live free from pain.

Dr. Deb Sampair

I had my full strength and range of motion back without resorting to drugs or surgery. That’s why I became a chiropractor.

Professional Qualifications and Continuing Education

Dr. Sampair attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, graduating cum laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since then, she’s continued her education regularly, taking classes on topics such as pediatric chiropractic care, muscle stretching and rehabilitation, fascial taping, and various adjusting techniques.

As part of Dr. Sampair’s commitment to providing her patients with a broad array of health-promoting services, she also offers nutritional counseling. She’s certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition from Texas Chiropractic College. The Nutrition Response Testing ™
she utilizes tests the patient’s muscle strength to determine where stress is affecting their body and which whole food supplement is needed to heal a particular organ or area. Furthermore, she’s a licensed Chiropractic Radiologist Supervisor and Operator.

Life Outside the Office

In Dr. Sampair’s spare time, she likes to be outside, hanging out at the beach, exercising at Zumba class and watching movies, particularly historical documentaries.

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