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Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat? Plus Natural Alternatives...

Feel Good concept on chalkboardThere is a lot of confusion about non-caloric sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners and the products sweetened with them are marketed to you as “healthy foods” or “healthier” than sugar or corn syrup sweetened products.

Is it TRUE?

Here are some of the most popular artificial sweeteners on the market today:

  • Splenda (sucralose)
  • Aspartame, (Nutrisweet)
  • Saccharine
  • Acesulfame Potassium (aka – acesulfame K)

All of these are nasty chemicals that the human body is simply not meant to ingest, and humans historically would never have ingested them in nature.

You will find them in:

  • “diet” drinks
  • “lite” yogurts, puddings, and ice creams
  • “low-carb” products
  • “reduced-sugar” products
  • even most protein powders!

Artificial sweeteners vs. sugar or corn syrup is really just a battle between two evils. Which is worse?

Sugar/Corn Syrup:

  • Excess empty calories (no nutrients for your body)
  • Promote fat gain
  • Stimulate your appetite
  • Cause massive spike in blood sugar and resulting in an insulin surge
  • Massive blood sugar spikes also contribute to glycation in the cells of your body, which basically makes you age faster!

Artificial Sweeteners:

  • Contain NO nutrients for your body.
  • Can increase your appetite for sweets and other carbohydrates causing you to eat more later in the day therefore, you don’t save any calories at all.
  • Trigger “sweet receptors” in your stomach that tell your body to produce insulin, even though you didn’t actually consume sugar.
  • Sucralose, (a very common artificial sweetener) claims to be “healthy”, but is really a nasty chemical containing chlorine, making it similar to a chlorinated pesticide.
  • These high insulin levels promote fat storage and trigger cravings, just like sugar.
  • People who drink diet soft drinks often gain MORE weight than those drinking regular soft drinks, because they think that because they drank “diet drinks” they consumed less calories, so they will eat more.

Health problems theorized to be caused by artificial sweeteners:

  • Potential cancer risks
  • Negative effects on the liver, kidneys, and other organs
  • Stimulating cravings
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Developmental problems in children and fetuses
  • Headaches
  • Damage to your gut flora (killing beneficial bacteria in your gut and causing gut dysbiosis)

It makes sense to protect yourself and avoid these possibly dangerous artificial chemicals.

What are some healthier alternatives?

These have the same amount of calories as sugar or corn syrup… BUT they actually provide nutrients, including minerals and antioxidants:

  • Natural raw honey
  • Organic maple syrup
  • Coconut sugar
  • Molasses, (organic blackstrap molasses contains many nutrients like potassium, calcium, iron, and other important minerals)

How do I save on calories but avoid the nasty artificial sweeteners?

Use Stevia:  Stevia is a non-caloric HERB that’s been used for thousands of years in some parts of the world. There have been no negative reports or health concerns regarding stevia, only positive potential health benefits.

When dried into a powder, it has a sweetness about 200-300 times stronger than sugar. It is easy to use too much!  Some products add a bulking agent (or mixed with a natural sugar alcohol like erythritol or xylitol) so that you can measure out the stevia powder in direct comparison to measuring sugar.

If you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic: Be vigilant in controlling your blood sugar, both sugar AND artificial sweeteners have downsides for you

Be as healthy as you can be!

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