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7 Backpack Safety Tips for Kids

Buy the Right Backpack for Your Child’s Size:

Children wearing backpacks with hands in the air.

  • Bigger is not always better.
  • It should hang just 2 inches below the waist and the top should be below the base of the skull.
  • Padded ” S” shaped straps are best.
  • Padding on back of the pack over the spine.
  • Broad sturdy waist belt to alleviate stress on the shoulders.If there are no stairs at school, a wheeled backpack is better- check with the school or classroom.

Wear It the Correct Way

  • Use both shoulder straps at all times.
  • Use the waist strap when walking a longer distance.
  • Adjust the straps to fit the backpack snugly to your child’s body.
  • Hold the bottom of the backpack 2 inches above the waist and keep the top just below the base of the skull.
  • Do not carry the backpack low near the buttocks.Stand upright with your loaded pack, do not lean forward.

Unload Unneeded Items

  • Keep checking the weight of your child’s pack, it should be only 10% of your child’s weight.  Remember their spine is still growing.
  • Have them empty their packs once a week.
  • Encourage them to use their school locker or get a second set of books. Use folders instead of binders if allowed.

Correctly Load the Pack

  • Load the heaviest items nearest the spine and balance it from side to side (carry very heavy items separately)
  • Pack sharp and bulky objects in the backpack so that they are away from the child’s body

Lift Your Backpack Properly

  • Face your backpack when lifting it. Use your leg muscles and keep it close to the body
  • Do not bend over at the waist with arms extended to lift it
  • When taking it on and off don’t swing it or sling it. This can lead to shoulder and facial injures

Observe Your Child

  • Are they are complaining of headaches, neck, shoulder or lower back tightness, strain or pain, tingling or numbness?
  • If so, reduce the weight in the backpack immediately than another?
  • Do they lean forward when they wear their back pack?

Call a Chiropractor for an Evaluation of Your Child’s Spine and Backpack

  • We can help you size your child’s backpack
  • We will help prevent pain and injuries now
  • You will avoid future problems like abnormal growth of the normal curves in the spine, reduced balance with an increased risk of falling, and possible chronic back pain

Ways to Get Evaluated

  1. Call us today for a free BACKPACK and SPINE evaluation at Hands On Healing Chiropractic at (408) 371-0068.
  2. Join our Bay Area Health and Wellness Group on Meetup:
  3. Join us for our free health and wellness trainings provided by Dr. Deb Sampair, D.C.

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